Joey Plummer, SC Realtor®

 Living in the Carolinas, for most of my life, has brought an appreciation for this area and all the amenities that it provides.  I am married to David Graves and together we have three children and 4 grandchildren.  We enjoy our community and our home in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

I am a golfer and a gardener, not a master of either, it doesn’t get much better than the Carolinas for these activities.

I have just recently retired from a career in Textiles and have begun working in Real Estate with a fantastic organization that is Costello Real Estate and Investment.  Helping people find a home where they can build a life and enjoy this area is a very passionate desire of mine.  When you find the perfect place to raise your family, share a relationship, or spend your retirement years it is a tremendous decision and I would like to help you with that.